Viessmann Vitoplex 200 no ignition

Hi Folks,

We have installed in our building of flats Viessmann Vitoplex model 200 and we have a re-occurring issue with flame going down. every 2 weeks or so. It is less than 2 years old, we we really don’t know what is causing the issue. Looks like system is shutting itself down. Heating season is approaching and we are worried. We has some service guys coming and going, but no one seems to know what is wrong. Viessmann is to expensive to have a continuous- non resolvable issue like this. Anyone experienced a similar issue?

Best Regards


Hi Tim,

If your Vitoplex is less than 2 years old simply request a replacement, and request it prior heating season starts. I don’t know how complex is your heating system, but if you are lucky it will be a day to replace, no more headache. Not worth to wait for the system to run out of the warranty. And when guys hear that you want replacement they will surely send you best expert to work on existing solution