Viessmann Boilers Guide

The idea behind creating Viessmann Boilers Guide website was to combine all necessary information about boilers produced by Viessmann Group Inc. We have gathered information about troubleshooting, parts replacement, new models compare as well as a forum with frequently asked questions. We didn’t forget about general company introduction and common faults descriptions. You will find information about boiler efficiences- which is a great help if you think of purchasing a new boiler.

Viessmann Boilers, are part of international Viessmann Group Inc, a 100 year old company with 22 production sites, officies and service present in 74 countries and over 11000 employees. Company is an international leader in heating system production (normal and commercial) as well as cooling systems (normal and commercial). Company went through multiple changes required by customers all over the world over the generations. Viessmann Group Inc not only offers up to date high quality products, but the also latest technologies tracking those systems like- smart phone applications.

Viessmann Group Inc offer three basic types of boilers- gas boilers (combi, system and heat only solution; models Vitodens, Vitocrossal, Vitoplex, Vitobloc), oil boilers (models Vitorodens, Vitoplex, Vitocrossal and Vitorond) and biomass boilers (Vitoligno and Vitoflex). Most of boilers can be added to Solar Thermal & PV solutions (models Vitosol and Vitovolt) providing further savings on electricity bills. Company produces heating solutions for both personal and commercial use. Boilers and all spare parts are produced in one of the 22 factories obeying ISO: 9001 rules.

Viessmann Boilers come with up to 5-7 years standard warranty (depending on a model), however the trend is to provide up to 10 years warranty on some models (Vitodens and Vitoplex). Spare parts warranty is set for two years. Viessmann boilers are known as one of the most quite boilers present on the market so they are excellent solution for those customer which don’t have a separate utility room and get disturbed by the machine noise during the day or night. All Viessmann gas boilers have efficiencies on A level (98%) no matter if we speak about condensing or standard boiler.

Selecting a Viessmann Boiler

Viessman boilers for personal use require not more than half a day installation. Viessmann boilers are suitable for users with middle to big houses and commercial use that includes supplying with heating total buildings of flats. Vitomax 200LW is an excellent solution for providing commercial amount of hot water, while Vitoplex 200 or Vitoplex 300 with outputs 125 kW to 2000 kW can be used for commercial heating. If you leave in a single house choose Vitodens models: 050 or 100W

If you think of purchasing a new boiler we recommend you to visit out model compare page, where you will find up to date, put into logical structure about newest models. Whenever unsure which model is the right one for your house/apartment/building feel free to contact a seller, Viessmann sales representatives will check if your choice if really what you need, they will cross check a model with your house needs (system set up, number of radiatos, isolation in place, insulation grading, piping etc) with a model you picked up. Whenever you a system fault occures you will need to troubleshoot , fault find and almost always replace parts

Typical problems

Viessmann Vitodens and Viessmann Vitocrossal may experience some of general most common boiler problems problems which include but not limit to following examples:

  • Viessmann Vitodens sometimes has an issue with radiators not being hot enough due to wrong eco setting and needs simple turning the temperature up
  • Viessman Vitocrossal boiler sometimes has an issue ignition and due to the dirt that falls flame sensors are requires cleaning
  • Viessman Vitoplex boiler sometimes leaks- you will see water gathered under the boiler itself and in most of the cases the heat exchanger will need to be replaced
  • Other common problems applicable for all models include: strange, explosive noise at boiler start up, losing pressure and combustion seal leaks

Attention!!! It is a prohibited to work on a oil or gas appliance unless you have proper qualifications. Whenever experiencing an issue with your boiler, don’t try to repair it yourself, contact customer service team immediately.


Use our troubleshooting page whenever experiencing a fault with your boiler. Replacement parts are cheap and therefore should be purchased and not repaired. Whenever you have a severe issue with your boiler and it is still under waranty you are free to return it to the dealer. Your boiler comes with an Owner’s Manual. Whenever you search for more information feel free to read our forum /FAQ