Boiler Types and Efficiency

Boiler Types and Efficiency

If you are interested in comparing efficiency rates of your current boiler to the efficiencies new Viessmann boiler would provide you should visit following Naturally higher the efficiency is better/cheaper the boiler is. Currently newest boilers can provide efficiencies up to 90% for personal use, manufactures like Viessmann Ltd are capable of providing the same numbers for commercial use (complete buildings of flats), and that is one of the main reasons why Viessmann heating solutions are being one of the most common choices when it gets to commercial buildings heating or/and hot water system modernization. Modernization of existing heating/ hot water system should be considered whenever the old system broke more than twice during last 12 months and the differences between efficiencies rates provided by old and new system exceed 10%. Don’t hesitate to contact Viessmann Ltd to ask for advisory visit and quotation

The installation of Vitodens boilers (for personal use) don’t take more than a few hours. Commercial system can take up to a week depending on order (radiators, solar panels, cooling solutions). All Viessmann boilers have very low NOx emissions- class 5. Viessmann boilers designed for personal use are low in weight, very compact- will easily fit into kitchen cupboard and don’t need any special compartment ventilation, most of the models work on oil and/or gas and most of models are condensive boilers. Both commercial and personal boilers from Viessmann Ltd require an annual check up, that takes up to half a day.

If in doubt which model to choose you can go with our general recommendation below:

  • middle size and big house should go with Vitodens models, we especially recommend 050W and 100W models (including combi options)
  • big, few floor houses will be fine with Vtodens models Vitodens 200W or Vitocrossal 200
  • small/big commercial sites, building of flats, office buildings should go with Vitocrossal 300 and Vitoplex 300
  • for water heating only commercial solutions we recommend Vitomax 200 LW

Most important advantages of replacing your old boiler:

  1. Very good price for the quality provided
  2. Excellent solution for commercial use, commercial boilers keep the personal boiler efficiencies
  3. Condensing and triple pipe solutions providing further savings, proper energy usage
  4. Up to 10 years guarantee
  5. Big variety of outputs being good choice for any middle, big and all commercial use buildings
  6. Fast installation and annual service
  7. Most heating solutions can be combined with Solar solutions, cooling solutions
  8. Company produces also biomass boilers for those searching for most ecological solutions

Usually price of a new boiler returns within 1.5-2 years, if we consider just the efficiency rates differences. If we add no spend on repairs, additional savings due to Solar technology usage this time will shrink to a year or so. We always recommend to exchange an old boiler for new one whenever you experienced more than two faults within last 12 months, there is nothing less comfortable than lack of heating in the middle of winter or cold water during the morning shower. Contact Viessmann Ltd and request a specialist today!