Viessmann Vitoplex 200 boiler not firing up

Hi Guys,

The Viessmann Vitoplex 200, which is almost three years old, is not firing up since last night. What should I do as the boiler stopped working due to this problem? Please help



Hi John, if the problem with your Viessmann Vitoplex 200 relates to the unit, which will not catch fire then, there are some potential reasons. According to the Viessmann, this is the problem with the boiler’s burner. When it is blocked due to debris then, it is sufficient to cause a fault. Nevertheless, it is possible that there is a problem related to an air pressure-measuring device. You can fix it by doing the following things:

  • You have to inspect and clean the burner
  • After doing so, check the air pressure-measuring device.

This sensor tells your boiler that the air pressure is under a safe working range. In case, there is a problem with the PCB, wiring and sensor it interconnects with, it will not ignite. Thus, the outcome could mean the PCB replacement, new sensor & repairing the wiring.