Viessmann Vitoplex 200 boiler cutting down constantly

My Viessmann Vitoplex 200 boiler keeps cutting down constantly. The Viessmann boiler works well for a few minutes but afterward, I have to face this problem again. I have restarted the boiler in order to make it work again but no success. What is the matter?

Please guide me


Hi Josh, there are several potential causes behind this problem like the air trapped in the boiler’s radiators, frozen & chocked condensate pipes and damaged thermostat. Nevertheless, the highly common & disturbing reason is the damaged circulation pump. The basic purpose of a circulation pump is to give a balanced amount of a hot water. Once it fails to work then, the hot water stays in your boiler. Therefore, because of this, the boiler keeps cutting down recurrently. Well, it is better to call an expert Viessmann Boiler engineer for systematic inspection.