Viessmann Vitodens 200W fault 14


I have a Viessmann boiler model Vitodens 200 and we are experiencing a fault 14 once a week, for last 6 weeks weeks. Our boiler is already 5 years old and no warranty avialable. Each time we restart the boiler ad it starts to work normally, but I am a bit worried that one day restarting won’t help. Any idea how to fix it?



Hi Dan

Fault 14 is a burner fault. In other words whenever there is no flame signal your burner switches the boiler to lockout, when you restart you ignite the boiler- there is a flame- everything is fine…. for a while at last. What needs to happen not to have this problem coming back is verify all electrical connection (that provide and sustain the spark), verify minimal gas pressure, check and replace if needed: ignition electrodes, transformer, burner