Viessmann Vitodens 100 radiators not hot enough

Hi Guys

I have a Viessmann boiler model Vitodens 100, it is only few months old and now heating season has started. My issue is that radiators are warm, but not warm enough (don’t reach 50 degrees). I had one company installing the boiler and the other installing the radiators. What happens that each of them says it is not their but the other’s fault. Hrrr… I thought I give it a try and ask here, maybe solution is easy.

Any idea is welcomed


Hi Joe,

Honestly, if everything works fine, then the temperature adjustment is just a small set up fault. But because there are two things that needs set up here (reset and then new set up) hot water and central heating I would call Viessmann technical line and ask for a help with it. They are very good and should be able to help you in less than 20 min. Really worth giving a try