Viessmann Vitodens 100 boiler’s gas controller is faulty

Hello Everyone,

My one year old is not proving me with the gas whenever I try to use it. I am facing this problem from last few days. What is wrong with the boiler? Guide me please

Anxiously waiting for the expert help and advice



Hi Janice,

I guess the gas controller of your Viessmann Vitodens 100 boiler is faulty. Its basic purpose is to check & control the needed gas flow, which is going towards the burner & pilot light of the Viessmann boiler. At times, the gas controller became damaged & due to this, it failed to perform properly. Some other reasons behind this issue are as follows:

  1. Faulty PCB
  2. Damaged unit
  3. Issues with the connections and wirings

I would advise calling a proficient boiler engineer for detailed investigation.