Viessmann Vitoden 100W no igniton

Hi All

I have a Viessmann Vitoden 100W gas boiler. It is 4 years old and I had never experienced any issue with it, at last till today. I woke up and realized that there is no hot water, went to the room where boiler is located and found out that there is no ignition. No message displayed. How should I re-ignite the boiler and what might have been an issue?



Hi Jack,

If your boiler is 4 years old I assume that it is still under warranty, Vitodens usually come with 5, 7 or now 10 years guarantee. Because error message is not displayed I would either call a Viessmann technical line or simple report an issue and ask for a service guy. You could try to ignite it yourself, but service under warranty is free of charge so why to risk?