vitorond 200 VD2A 125 -270 kW

vitorond 200 VD2A 125 -270 kW

vitorond 200 VD2A 125 -270 kW 1

vitorond 200 VD2A 125 -270 kW 2

vitorond 200 VD2A 125 -270 kW 3

vitorond 200 VD2A 125 -270 kW 4

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Hinge pin
2Adjusting cams
3Anchor rod with nuts
5Threaded stud M 10 x 40
6Back section*1
7Centre section*1
8Front section*
9Boiler door
10Thermal insulation mat
11Thermal insulation mat
12Thermal insulation block
13Packing 20 x 15 mm
14Sensor well
15Flue outlet
16Hose nozzle ¼"
18Sight glass incl. gasket
19Sight glass installation set
20Burner plate
21Plug 2"
23Turbulator, 2nd pass*2
24Turbulator, 2nd pass*2
27Burner plate gasket
30Measuring hose installation set
31Threaded stud M 12 x 50
32Thermal insulation mat
33Gasket DN 65
34Cleaning cover
35Packing 10 x 10 mm
36Packing 12 x 12 mm
37Distributor pipe
38Boiler return gasket Ø 59 x 118 x 3 mm
39Distributor pipe flange
200Control unit fascia
201Top panel, front
202Front panel, top
203Side panel, left
204Side panel, right
205Top panel, back
206Thermal insulation jacket
207Rail left, with strain relief (pos. 212)
208Rail right, with logo (pos. 213) and strain relief (pos. 212)
209Back panel left, with edge protection (pos.214)
210Back panel left, with edge protection (pos.214)
211Thermal insulation mat, back
212Double strain relief
213Vitorond 200 logo
214Edge protector
215Threaded pin SW 17
312Cleaning brush 20 x 40 mm
313Cleaning brush 44 x 100 mm
301Single section pack
302Assembly elements (for pos. 006, 007 and 008)
305Thermal insulation pack
306Decorative adhesive tape
307Spray paint, Vitosilver
308Touch-up paint stick, Vitosilver
309Installation instructions
310Service instructions