vitodens 300 WB3A 6.6 to 35.0 kW

vitodens 300 WB3A 6.6 to 35.0 kW

vitodens 300 WB3A 6.6 to 35.0 kW-1

vitodens 300 WB3A 6.6 to 35.0 kW-2

vitodens 300 WB3A 6.6 to 35.0 kW-3

vitodens 300 WB3A 6.6 to 35.0 kW-4

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Quick-acting air vent valve
2Connecting pipe
3Temperature limiter
4Temperature sensor
5Boiler adaptor grommets
6Comfort heat exchanger temperature sensor*1
7Profiled gasket
8Thermal insulation - heat exchanger*1
9Safety spring
10Pump motor
11DHW valve
12Flue gas temperature sensor
14Heat exchanger
15Heat exchanger siphon connection
17O ring 28 x 2.5
18Condensate hose
19Boiler connection plug
20Heat exchanger gasket set*1
21Plate heat exchanger*1
22Pressure gauge
23Flow switch*1
24Water level limiter*1
25Linear step motor
26Boiler adaptor (with items 019,035, 036)
27Diaphragm expansion vessel connection assembly
28Retainer - plug-in connector
29Front plate (with item 030)
30Fixing clip
31Interlocking connector
32Cover profile (with item 007)
33Gas supply pipe
34Return pipe
35Ventilation air gasket
36Flue gas gasket
37Clip nut
38Gaskets - plug-in connector (set)
51Burner (with items 050 and 052to 064)
52Ignition unit
55Burner gauze assembly
57Differential pressure sensor
58Gas train
59Conversion kit for natural gas E (gas restrictor)
60Conversion kit for natural gas LL (gas restrictor)
61Conversion kit for LPG P (gas restrictor)
64Burner gauze assembly gasket
80Vitodens control unit
81Rear cover
84Pressure gauge retainer
87Internal extension (accessory)
88LON Communication module (accessory)
89Connection adaptor
90Coding card
91Fuses (10 pieces)
92User interface for constant temperature operation
93Operating interface for weather compensated operation
95Locking clips (10 pieces)
110Outside temperature sensor
50Burner gasket
53Ignition electrode with gasket
54Ionisation electrode with gasket
62Burner maintenance set
63Set of small burner parts
65Insulation ring
16Special grease
17Heat conducting paste
39Fixing parts (set)
97Cable harness X8/X9
98Cable harness 100/35/34 (auxiliary earth)
99Step motor connecting cable
100Cable harness ionisation/KM BUS (internal)
101Internal ionisation lead
104Adaptor - ionisation current test cable
150Installation instructions
151Service instructions
153Operating instructions for constant temperature operation
154Operating instructions for weather-compensated operation
156Touch-up paint stick, Vitowhite
157Touch-up spray paint, Vitowhite