Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-1

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-2

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-3

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-4

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-5

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-6

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-7

Vitodens 222F B2TA 3.2 to 35 kW-8

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Front panel, top
3Toggle fastener (4 pce)
4Cover panel with profiled seal
5Profiled seal
6Adjustable foot
7Control unit support
8Side panel, right
9Side panel, left
10Loading cylinder mounting bracket
11Top panel insert
12Top panel
13Front panel, bottom
14Fixings for location stud (2 pce)
1Hydraulic block
2Set of plug-in connector retainers (2 pce)
3Diaphragm grommet (5 pce)
4Diaphragm grommet (5 pce)
5Clip Ø 8 (5 pce)
6Clip Ø 10 (5 pce)
7Clip Ø 15 (5 pce)
8Clip Ø 18 (5 pce)
9Air vent valve G3/8
10Spring clip (5 pce)
11Connection pipe HR
12Pipe clip Ø 18 / 1.5
13Fascia ? 13-19 kW Ø 4.0 (white)
? 26 kW Ø 5.5 (dark grey)
? 35 kW Ø 6.0 (beige)
14Pipe clip Ø 18
15Union nut G1
17Connection pipe, heating water flow
18Connection pipe, DHW
19Connection pipe, cold water, cylinder
20Expansion vessel connection line G 3/8
21Cold water hydraulic connection
22Pump motor
23CIL casing
24Cartridge non-return valve
25Shut-off valve, cold water, cylinder
26Circular seal washer 8 x 2 (5 pce)
27Connection line, DHW charging
28Shut-off valve, DHW, cylinder
29Flow pipe
30Expansion vessel
31Connection pipe, cold water
32Connection pipework, heating water return
33Thermal circuit breaker
34Hose 10 x 1.5 x 1500
35Pressure gauge
36Safety valve
37Connection pipe, heating water flow, heat cell
38Air vent valve
39Circulation pump motor
40CIAO casing
41Gasket A 17 x 24 x 2 (5 pce)
42Gasket 23 x 30 x 2, green (5 pce)
43Temperature sensor
44Gasket A 16 x 24 x 2 (5 pce)
45Cap G 3/4 SW 30
46Gasket A 10 x 15 x 1.5 (5 pce)
47O-ring 17.86 x 2.62 (5 pce)
48O-ring 14.3 x 2.4
49Spring clip DN 25 (5 pce)
51Gasket A 23 x 30 x 2, orange (5 pce)
1Return unit
2Profiled gasket
3Plug Ø 8/Ø 10
4Clip Ø 8 (5 pce)
5Clip Ø 10 (5 pce)
6Clip Ø 18 (5 pce)
7Hydraulic retaining bracket
8Plate heat exchanger insulation board
9Plate heat exchanger insulation shell
10Overflow line
11Flow unit
12Valve insert
13Overflow valve
14O-ring 17.86 x 2.62 (5 pce)
15Gasket A 17 x 24 x 2 (5 pce)
16O-ring 9.6 x 2.4 (5 pce)
17Temperature sensor
18Plate heat exchanger
1Loading cylinder
2Strain relief
3Magnesium anode
5Flange with gasket
7Gasket 23 x 30 x 2 (5 pce)
9Flange insulation
10Cylinder temperature sensor NTC 10k?
1MatriX cylinder burner
2Spring clip, condensate drain
3Profile hose, heating return
4Condensate collector
5Flue gasket
7Condensate hose
8Pipe clip Ø 18 / 1.5
9Flue gas temperature sensor
10Boiler flue connection
11Heat exchanger
12Gas pipe
13Condensate hose
14O-rings 35.4 x 3.59 (5 pce)
15Gasket A 17 x 24 x 2 (5 pce)
16Hose 19 x 600, corrugated
17Spring clip DN 25 (5 pce)
18Hose 19 x 270, corrugated
19Hose 19 x 500, corrugated
20Plug for boiler flue connection
21Gasket DN 60
22Diaphragm grommet (5 pce)
23Connection elbow, heating water return
24Thermal insulation block
25O-ring 63 x 2.62 (5 pce)
1Burner gasket (wearing part)
2Thermal insulation ring
3Cylinder, burner gauze assembly
4Gasket, burner gauze assembly
5Ignition electrode (wearing part)
6Ionisation electrode (wearing part)
7Gasket, burner door flange (wearing part)
8Radial fan
9Gas train
10Burner door
11Ignition unit
12Gasket, ionisation electrode (5 pce)
13Gasket, ignition electrode (5 pce)
14Blade terminal (10 pce)
15Mixture restrictor
16Gas nozzle ? 13 kW/19 kW: 02 yellow
? 26 kW: 04 grey
? 35 kW: 06 black
17Venturi extension
18Mounting plate, thermal insulation ring (2 pce)
19Gasket DN 65
1Control unit
2Control unit casing back panel
3Coding card
4Fuse 6.3 A (slow) (10 pce)
5Fuse holder
6Programming unit for constant temperature mode
7Programming unit for weather-compensated mode
8LON communication module
9PCB adaptor
10Cable harness X8/X9/ionisation
11Cable harness 100/35/54/PE
12Power cable, stepper motor
13Mating plug (set)
14Cable fixing
15Locking bolts, left and right
17Wireless outside temperature sensor
18Outside temperature sensor (hardwired)
19KM BUS connecting cable 145
20Internal H1 extension
21Internal H2 extension
1Special grease
2Touch-up spray paint, white
3Touch-up paint stick, white
4Installation and service instructions
5Operating instructions for constant temperature mode
6Operating instructions for weather-compensated mode