Vitoplex 300 TX3A 620 to 2000 kW

Vitoplex 300 TX3A 620 to 2000 kW

Vitoplex 300 TX3A 620 to 2000 kW-1

Vitoplex 300 TX3A 620 to 2000 kW-2

Vitoplex 300 TX3A 620 to 2000 kW-3

Vitoplex 300 TX3A 620 to 2000 kW-4

Vitoplex 300 TX3A 620 to 2000 kW-5

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Boiler door (with pos. 308)
3Sight glass pack, comprising pos. 004 to 007
4Sight glass frame pack
6Hose nozzle
7Plastic hose
8Hose pack Ø 18 mm
9Upper insulation block
10Lower insulation block
11Thermal insulation mat
12Packing GF 25 x 15
13Internal pipe
14Gasket, flow/return
15Gasket, safety valve
16Cleaning cover
18Sensor well, boiler water temperature sensor
19Sensor well, Therm-Control temperature sensor
200Cover panel, front
201Cover panel, back
202Front panel, top (only for 1600 to 2000 kW)
203Front and back panel, top
204Front panel, bottom
205Back panel, bottom
206Side panel
207Side panel, control unit
208Centre rail
209Rail, front right (with pos. 307)
210Rail, front left
211Rail, back right
212Rail, back left
213Thermal insulation jacket
214Thermal insulation jacket, centre (only for 1000 to 2000 kW)
215Thermal insulation mat, back
216Thermal insulation mat, back left
217Thermal insulation mat, back right
218Mounting bracket, back
219Mounting bracket
220Channel retainer
221Cable channel, upper section
222Cable channel, lower section
223Edge protector
224Cover, sensor coupling
225Thermal insulation mat, front
226Thermal insulation mat, front left
227Thermal insulation mat, front right
228Mounting bracket, fascia
307Vitoplex 300 logo
308Viessmann logo
20Cleaning brush
21Cleaning equipment complete (incl. extraction hook and pos.20)
24Burner plate pack
25Burner plate gasket*2
229Back panel retrofit kit*3, not shown
300Thermal insulation pack
301Touch-up spray paint, Vitosilver
302Touch-up paint stick, Vitosilver
303Installation instructions
304Service instructions
305Decorative adhesive tape
306Flame tube gasket pack