Vitoligno 300-P VL3B

Vitoligno 300-P VL3B

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Vitoligno 300-P VL3B-2

Vitoligno 300-P VL3B-3

Vitoligno 300-P VL3B-4

Vitoligno 300-P VL3B-5

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Vitoligno 300-P VL3B-7

Vitoligno 300-P VL3B-8

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Flue gas fan (with pos. 002, 004 and 011)
2Radial fan
4Gasket for flue gas fan and feed screw conveyor flange
6Top inspection cover (with pos. 007, 008 and 009)
7Folding handle
8Pack 16 x 12
9Thermal insulation block, 2-part (with pos. 008)
10Lambda probe
11Insulation nipple
12Pivot head
13Drive disc
14Geared motor
15Automatic ash removal limit switch
17Thermal insulation block, door insert
18Combustion chamber door (with pos. 008 and 019)
19Thermal insulation block, front
20Flue gas deflector
21Combustion chamber insert
22Round gasket
23Combustion chamber, top firing block (with pos. 022 and 024)
24Flat gasket, 2 pce
25Combustion chamber, centre firing block (with pos. 024)
26Combustion chamber, bottom firing block (with pos. 022)
28Burner grate (with gasket pos. 74)
29Pivoting lever, tilt lever shaft
30Tilt lever shaft
31Tilt lever set
33Door contact switch, ash door
34Tensioner, ash door
35Ignition pipe
36Ignition element
37Cover, ignition air casing
38Radiation plate, ash door
39Claw handle
40Ash door (with pos. 008, 038 and 039)
41Ash door hinge
43Grate drive limit switch
51Air damper limit switch
53Pack 9 x 7
54Air damper unit
55Air damper with drive
56Cover, ash box, front
57Cover, ash box, back
59Lid with gasket
60Ash box, back
61Ash box, front
64Ball bearing, 4 pce
66Tensioning strip, 2 pce
68Pilot tube clip
69Locking lever
70Locking lever, ash pan
71Sealing washer
72Thermal insulation ring
74Gasket, grate support panel
75Runner, 2 pce
76Threaded bush, 3 pce
77Gasket, ash door
78Brush handle
79Cleaning brush
80Drive, finned grate
81Separating plate, flue gas collector
85Gasket, ignition air casing
83Ignition pipe gasket set
84Ash pan, fitted
100Charge motor
101Chain guard
102Roll chain
103Locking washer
104Spacer sleeve
105Chain wheels (with pos. 102 and 103)
106Shaft seal
107Rotary lock valve casing
108Screw conveyor (with pos. 104,106 and small chain wheel)
110Screw conveyor tube
112Flange gasket, screw conveyor tube
114Shear pin (10 pce)
200Top panel, front
201Top panel, back
202Front panel (door)
203Front panel, internal
204Back panel
205Side panel, right
206Side panel, left
207Control panel
208Rail, back right
209Rail, front left
210Front r.h. rail
211Rail, back left
212Bottom fixing rail
213Thermal insulation jacket
214Thermal insulation mat, top
215Thermal insulation mat, bottom
216Panel, plug-in terminal box
217Vitoligno 300 logo
218Hinge, top part
219Hinge, bottom part
220Location stud M5
221Edge protector
222Reinforcing rail
303Adjustable feet (4 pce)
399Vitotronic 200 FO1 (with pos. 401,402, 420 and 428)
400Control unit (with pos. 403 to 409 and 429 to 433)
401Programming unit casing
402Programming unit
403PCB A1 heat distribution control(CU230) with cover
404PCB A2 combustion controller(SC100) with cover
405High limit safety cut-out 120/110/100/95 °C Cap. 2000
406Boiler coding card
407Fuse, 1.6 A (slow), 250 V (for 12 to24 kW)
Fuse, 2.0 A (slow), 250 V (for 32 to 48 kW)
409Fuse, 6.3 A (slow), 250 V
410Cable harness, limit switch
411Connecting cable, air damper
412Connecting cable, rotary grate
413Plug 151 with jumper
414Connecting cable, high limit safety cut-out
415Boiler water temperature sensor
416Flame temperature sensor
417Mating plug 84
418Mating plug 85
419Plug-in strip, pellet supply
420Programming unit flap with fibre optic cable and hinge
421Charge motor timer
428Front cover with foil keypad
429Optolink with PCB (excl. high limit safety cut-out)
430Control unit cover with nuts
431Side section with cable guide
432Front and side sections, sealed
433Control unit base with feet
448Ignition element connecting cable
449Lambda probe connecting cable
85Ash pan mounting set
86Mounting set for heat surface cleaning
300Installation instructions
301Service instructions
302Operating instructions
434Set of side sections for control unit (pos. 432 and 432)
435Small parts, control unit installation
422Plug set, 220 V
423Plug set, LV
424Mating plug X12
425Plug 20
426Plug 52
427Plug 40
436Immersion temperature sensor
437Contact temperature sensor
438Buffer temperature sensor
439Collector temperature sensor
440Cylinder temperature sensor
441Extension kit for one heating circuit
442Solar components Vitoligno
443Contact thermostat
444Immersion thermostat
445Outside temperature sensor
446Cable clamp
447Self-adhesive cable retainer (10 pce)