Vitoligno 300-H VH3 50 to 60 kW

Vitoligno 300-H VH3 50 to 60 kW

Vitoligno 300-H VH3 -1

Vitoligno 300-H VH3 -2

Vitoligno 300-H VH3 -3

Vitoligno 300-H VH3 -4

Vitoligno 300-H VH3 -5

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Maintenance cover, grate
2Combustion chamber door
3Pack 25 x 25
4Insulation block holder
5Insulation block 1
6Insulation block 2
7Insulation block 3
8Insulation block 4
9Glass pane Ø 30 x 3
10Maintenance cover, heat exchanger
11Packing cord 25 x 20
12Mounting set, maintenance cover, heat exchanger
13Safety heat exchanger
1Connection piece, firebox
2Flanged bush
3Drive shaft for gear wheel
4Inductive proximity switch
5Gear wheel, centre
6Gear wheel, right
7Synchronous motor
8Gear wheel
9Air damper with motor
10Stepper motors
11Radial fan
12Fan casing
13Insulation nipple
14Sensor well, flue gas temperature sensor
15Gasket, flue gas fan
16Profiled seal, air damper
17Fixing kit, air damper
18Thermally activated safety valve
1Retaining plate, internal pipe
2Connection pipe
3Flanged bush 20 x 17
4Tensioning shaft
5Tensioning shaft, short
6Deep groove ball bearing
7Gimbal shaft
9Spring pin 3
10Compression spring
11Cleaning mechanism
13Synchronous motor
14Split pin 2 x 16 (10 pce)
15Retainer, external
16Retainer, internal
17Fixing kit, retainer
2Grate base
3Combustion chamber bricks, set 1
4Combustion chamber bricks, set 2
5Brick insert
1Connection, ash box
2Profiled seal, ash removal
3Pack 16 x 12
4Gasket, connection piece, ash box
5Ash trough, grate
6Ash trough, heat exchanger
7Mounting plate, ash removal
8Ash removal screw conveyor, heat exchanger
9Ash removal screw conveyor, grate
10Rubber buffer
11Drive chain set
12Flanged bush, 20 x 23 x 21
13Torque support
14Chain tensioner, ash removal
15Offset gearbox