Vitodens 333 WS3A 4.2 to 13 kW

Vitodens 333 WS3A 4.2 to 13 kW

Vitodens 333 WS3A 4.2 to 13 kW-1

Vitodens 333 WS3A 4.2 to 13 kW-2

Vitodens 333 WS3A 4.2 to 13 kW-3

Vitodens 333 WS3A 4.2 to 13 kW-4

Vitodens 333 WS3A 4.2 to 13 kW-5

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Heat exchanger connecting pipe with gaskets
2Flow pipework
3DHW connecting pipe
4DHW connecting pipe
5Cylinder connecting pipe
6Return connecting pipe
7Gas connection flange
8Stratification storage cylinder
10Condensate hose
12Heat exchanger
13Cap plate (with item 014)
14Profiled gasket
15Clip nut
16Mounting bracket closure
17Boiler adaptor
19Air inlet gasket Ø 125
20Lip seal Ø 80
21Boiler connection grommets
22Connecting pipe - diaphragm expansion vessel
23Diaphragm expansion vessel
24Pressure gauge and fem. Connection
25Quick-acting air vent valve G ?"
26Overflow valve
27Safety valve
28Air vent valve G ?"
29Linear stepper motor
30Non-return valve
31Ball valve R ½" with handle
33Flat packing
34Set of plug connector retainers
35Safety spring
36Plate-type heat exchanger
37Gasket set – plate-type heat exchanger
40Grommets (set)
51Burner (with items 050, 052 to 064)
52Ignition unit
55Burner gauze
56Radial fan
57Pressure transmitter
58Gas train
59Conversion kit for natural gas E (gas restrictor)
60Conversion kit for natural gas LL (gas restrictor)
61only for 26 kW: Conversion kit for LPG P (gas restrictor)
64Burner gauze gasket
69DHW connecting pipe
100Control unit
101Back cover
102Locking clips (10 pieces)
104Pivot arm
105Hinge pins (10 pieces)
107Pressure gauge retainer
108Clip (10 pieces)
109Hinge (10 pieces)
110Boiler coding card
111Fuse 6.2 A s (10 pieces)
112Programming unit for constant temperature operation
113Programming unit for weather compensated mode
122LON communication module (accessories)
123PCB adaptor – LON module (accessories)
125Fuse holder
151Outside temperature sensor
152Cylinder temperature sensor
153Flue gas temperature sensor
155Temperature sensor
200Side panels
201Top front panel
202Back top panel
203Front top panel
204Front bottom panel
206Adjustable foot
300Circulation pump motor
301Circulation pump motor
354Anode flange with gasket
355Thermal insulation – flange
50Burner gasket
53Ignition electrode with gasket
54Ionisation electrode with gasket
353Magnesium anode Ø = 26 × 280/250
32Gasket set – plug-in connector
38Special grease
39Heat conducting paste
62Burner maintenance set
63Set of small burner parts
65Pressure sensor adaptor
115Ionisation current test lead adaptor
116Cable harness X8/X9
117Cable harness 100/35/54 (auxiliary earth)
118Stepper motor connecting cable
119Cable harness ionisation/KM BUS (internal)
120Internal ionisation lead
126Mating plug
127Cable fixing
128Anti-splash protection
207Fixing elements
208Touch-up paint stick, Vitowhite
209Touch-up spray paint, Vitowhite
350Seal washer
351Strain relief
400Operating instructions for constant temperature operation
401Operating instructions for weather-compensated operation
403Installation instructions
404Service instructions