Vitodens 200-W WB2C 4.8 to 35kW

Vitodens 200-W WB2C 4.8 to 35kW

Vitodens 200-W WB2C 4.8 to 35kW-1

Vitodens 200-W WB2C 4.8 to 35kW-2

Vitodens 200-W WB2C 4.8 to 35kW-3

Vitodens 200-W WB2C 4.8 to 35kW-4

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Quick-action air vent valve
2Heat exchanger connection pipe
3Gas supply pipe
4Heating water return connection pipe
5Heating water return connection elbow
6Pressure gauge
8Heat exchanger
9Thermal insulation block
10Diaphragm expansion vessel
11Connection line for the diaphragm expansion vessel
12Boiler flue connection
13Boiler flue connection plug
14Heating water return connection elbow
17Condensate hose
18Condensate hose
20Gasket set, plate heat exchanger*2
21Plate heat exchanger*2
22Pump motor
23Flow switch *2
24Water volume controller *2
25Linear stepper motor
26Thermal insulation, plate heat exchanger*2
27Plug-in non-return valve
30Control unit support
31Safety guard
52Burner gauze assembly
53Burner gauze assembly gasket
56Ionisation electrode gasket
57Ignition electrode gasket
58Burner door flange gasket
59Burner fan
60Gas train
61Burner door
62Ignition unit
64Venturi extension
70Clip Ø 8 mm
71Diaphragm grommet
72Gasket A 10x15x1.5 (set)
73Diaphragm grommet
74Air vent valve
75Diaphragm grommet
76O-ring 20.6x2.6 (set)
77Hose Ø 10x1.5x750 mm
78Locking pin Ø 22 mm
79Flue gas gasket Ø 60 mm
80Gas pipe gasket (set)
81Plug-in connector gaskets (set)
82Locking pin
83Pipe clip Ø 18 mm
84Plug-in connector retainers (set)
85Hose clip
86Flue gas gasket
88Gas supply pipe retaining clip
100Vitodens control unit
101Back cover
102Boiler coding card
103Fuse (10 pce)
104Fuse holder
105Programming unit for weather compensated mode
106Programming unit for constant temperature operation without time switch
107LON communication module (accessory)
108PCB adaptor, LON module (accessory)
109Internal extension H1
115Locking bolts, left/right
116Slider, left/right
117Programming unit for constant temperature operation without time switch
150Outside temperature sensor
151Flue gas temperature sensor
152Temperature limiter
153Temperature sensor
154Comfort sensor*2
200Front panel with sealing mat
202Fixing clip
50Burner gasket
51Insulation ring
54Ignition electrode
55Ionisation electrode
63Gas nozzle
87Special grease
110Cable harness X8/X9/ionisation
111Cable harness 100/35/54/earth
112Power cable, stepper motor
113Mating plug
114Cable fixing
203Spray paint, Vitowhite
204Touch-up paint stick, Vitowhite
300Installation instructions
301Service instructions
302Operating instructions for constant temperature mode
303Operating instructions for weather compensated mode
304Operating instructions for constant temperature operation with time switch