Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW

Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW

Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW-1

Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW-2

Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW-3

Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW-4

Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW-5

Vitodens 200-W B2HA 60kW-6

IDPart NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Fixing clip (2 pce)
3Wall mounting bracket
4Cover panel
5Front panel
6Control unit support
7Contact guard
8Grommet set
9Adjustable foot M 8 x 80
1Condensate hose
2Lip seal, system D 80
3Ventilation air gasket DN 125, condensing
4Boiler flue connection plug
5Flue gas temperature sensor
6Heat exchanger
7Condensate hose
8Gas pipe
9Flue gasket
10Boiler flue connection 80/125
11Thermal insulation block
13Gasket set A 16 x 24 x 2 (5 pce)
14O-rings 35.4 x 3.59 (5 pce)
15Burner 45/60 kW
1Gas train CES
2Burner gasket Ø 298
3Burner gauze assembly gasket
4Burner door
5Gasket, ignition electrode (5 pce)
6Gasket, ignition electrode (5 pce)
7Ignition unit
8Venturi extension
9Thermal insulation ring
10Flue gas non-return device
11Ignition electrode block
12Gas nozzle, 10, white
13Cylinder burner gauze assembly
14Radial fan RG148 E 230VAC
15Ionisation electrode 45-100 kW
16Mixture restrictor
1Temperature sensor (2 pce)
2Quick-action air vent valve G 3/8
4O-ring gasket set 34.59 x 2.62
5Flow control switch
6Connection pipe HR
7Connection pipe HR
8Clip Ø 8 (5 pce)
9Air vent container
10Connection pipe HV
11Pressure gauge, 0-6 bar
12Gasket set 1 1/4 (5 pce)
1Control unit VBC135-A10.001
2Casing back panel
3Coding card 2567:0201
3Coding card 2568:0201
4Fuse, 6.3 A (slow), 250 V (10 pce)
5Fuse holder, 6.3 A (slow)
6Vitotronic 200 HO1B
7Vitotronic 100 HC1B programming unit
8LON HO1 communication module
9PCB adaptor
10Cable harness X8/X9/ionisation
11Cable harness 100/35/54/earth
13Mating plug
14Cable ties (10 pce)
15Locking bolts, left and right
17Outside temperature sensor RF
18Outside temperature sensor NTC
20Internal H1 extension
1Touch-up spray paint, white, 150 ml
2Touch-up paint stick, white
3Installation and service instructions
4Vitotronic 100 HC1B operating instructions
5Vitotronic 200 HO1B operating instructions