Vitodens 100 WB1A

Vitodens 100 WB1A

Vitodens 100 WB1A-1

Vitodens 100 WB1A-2

Vitodens 100 WB1A- 3

Vitodens 100 WB1A-4

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
2Temperature sensor
3Pressure switch
4Control cable
5Diaphragm expansion vessel connecting cable
6Diaphragm expansion vessel
7Boiler connection plug
8Boiler adaptor
9Flue gas gaskets (set)
10Heat exchanger
11Insulating block
12Heat exchanger mounting (set)
13Condensate hose
15Condensate pipe
16Gas supply pipe
17Heating water flow connection elbow
18Heating water return connection elbow
19Heating water flow connection pipe
20Heating water return connection pipe
21Plate heat exchanger*1
22Gasket set – plate heat exchanger*1
23Filling Loop*1
24Filling Loop connecting cable*1
25Pipe clip Ø 18 mm*1
26Quick air vent valve cartridge
27Safety valve
28Water pressure sensor
29Flow switch*1
30Step motor cartridge
31Circulation pump
32Bypass with overflow valve
34Gaskets (set)
35Spring clips (set)
36Flow limiter
40Lip seal Ø 60 mm
41Ventilation seal Ø 100 mm
50Burner gasket
51Insulation ring
52Burner gauze assembly
53Burner gauze assembly gasket
58Mixture damper
59Radial fan
60Venturi top
61Gas train
62Burner door
63Ignition unit
80Control unit
81Cover – wiring chamber
200Front panel
201Spring tie
202Cover flap
203Domestic water fittings (set)*1
204Heating water fittings (set)
205Corner gas tap
206Elbow with locking ring fittings Ø 22 mm (set)*2
54Ignition and ionisation electrode
39Installation and service instructions
90Cable harness X8
91Cable harness X9
92Cable harness 100/35/54
93Step motor connecting cable
94Mains power switch cable harness
95Gas valve connecting cable 35
96Ignition transformer/ionisation connecting cable
300Touch-up spray paint, Vitowhite
301Touch-up paint stick, Vitowhite