Viessmann Boiler problem with heating control

Hi All,

I have installed a Viessmann boiler five years ago. I was happy with its performance as it worked well until last night. Now, I am having various issues regarding the boiler’s heating control. When the lights of the heating system and hot water are on for turning it on nothing happens. A few hours ago, I have noticed that the boiler worked well but, simply on the fixed settings. Nevertheless, now the Viessmann boiler has failed to work completely, as it should be, even when it comes to the fixed settings. What is wrong with the boiler? I am quite confused. Someone, please guide me. Should I get a new boiler?

Thanks for your help


Hi Rob, it is better to check the Viessmann boiler’s diverter controller thoroughly. Keep the boiler’s heating pump and Viessmann boiler together on the sole in order to investigate that either a diverter controller is supplying the required power to your boiler & heating pump or not. Moreover, it is recommended to call a skilled Viessmann boiler engineer for detailed investigation.