Viessmann 200 Boiler problems with ignition

Hi Folks,

I urgently need your help regarding an issue with my four years old Viessmann 200 boiler. The burner of my Viessmann 200 boiler is trying hard to spark promptly at ignition mostly for 15-20 seconds however, haplessly the burner has no ignition. What you people suggest, as it is quite difficult for me to withstand with this problem.

Please share your views


Hello Rita, this issue is extremely common in Viessmann 200 boilers. For overcoming the problem, try to consider the below-mentioned information:

  1. Check the electrode & ignition lead of the boiler. It is best to replace them if you feel so
  2. Examine the different electrode connections. Fix them if required
  3. Test & repair the position and the spark gas
  4. You have to fix the different connections which are positioned at the printed circuit board and ignition producer
  5. Lastly, check for the jammed shaft and fix it

Do call a trained boiler engineer if your problem persists