Viessmann 200 Boiler overheats a lot

Hi Folks,

I have installed a Viessmann 200 boiler one year ago. It was working well but now I have noticed that my boiler starts behaving weirdly as I turn it on. It also turns itself off like after every ten minutes. My boiler is under warranty should I contact a service center?

Thanks in advance



According to the above-shared information, your boiler is facing a problem of overheating. I must say that you should take it seriously. Well always be cautious and never try to investigate the problem at home because the boiler, which overheats a lot, becomes extremely unsafe. Moreover, your Viessmann boiler overheats repeatedly therefore; you have to turn off the electricity supply of your home. Once the boiler’s few important internal components, undergo extreme pressure it always overheats. Thus, try to inspect the problem immediately & in detail but with the help of a skilled boiler engineer.