Viessmann 100 luke water

Hi Folks

I have a Viessmann boiler model 100W. It is not under warranty anymore and we are experiencing no hot and pure luke water in 3 of total 5 taps in the house. I went to the boiler to check what is wrong and saw that the pressure when taps are open is below 1 bar, is that the source of my luke water? If yes, any idea how to re-pressurize the system?



Hi Adam

Could you please check if the pressure needle move when you open each tap (do it separately). And check if each time you can hear the water coming in. If you would have luke water in all 5 taps I would say that it is a system issue and you need re-filling, but because only some taps are not providing hot water I think it is a pipework issue, so unless you are a piping expert you would want to call someone to check/repair your system.