Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW-1

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW-2

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW-3

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW-4

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW-5

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW-6

Vitodens 242-F FB2B 4.8 to 26 kW-7

IDParts NumberPart DescriptionNotesPurchase
1Diaphragm expansion vessel
2Connection line; diaphragm expansion vessel
3Cap panel with gasket
4Profiled seal
5Boiler flue connection
7Ventilation air gasket
8Flue gas gasket
9O-ring 8 x 2 (5 pce)
10Heat exchanger
11Moulded hose, return
12Condensate hose
15Hose 19 x 800 mm, corrugated
16Condensate hose (400 mm long)
17Hose 19 x 1100 mm, corrugated
19Condensate manifold
21Safety valve
22Right-angle shut-off valve, central draw-off
23Hose ferrule
24Right-angle shut-off valve, DHW cylinder heating
25Connection line, DHW heating
27Non-return valve
28Air vent valve G ?
29Pressure gauge
30Right-angle shut-off valve, cylinder cold water
31Gas pipe
32Flow pipe
33Connection pipe, cold water, cylinder
34Heating water flow connection pipe
35Connection pipework, heating water return
36Connection pipework, cold water
37DHW connection pipe
38Heating water flow connection pipe
39Cold water connection
40Heating water return connecting pipe
41Connecting pipe, central draw-off
42Solar return connecting pipe
43Solar circuit pump connecting pipe
44Solar flow connecting pipe
45Connector for solar filling equipment
46Filling facility for solar heat transfer medium
47Solar connection elbow
48Sensor well
50Flow unit
51Return unit
52Overflow valve
53Plug Ø 8/10 mm
54Plate heat exchanger
55Profiled gasket
56Valve insert
57Overflow pipe
58Plate heat exchanger insulation shell
59Plate heat exchanger insulation board
62Burner gauze assembly
63Burner gauze assembly gasket
66Burner flange gasket
68Gas train
69Burner door
70Ignition unit
71Ionisation electrode gasket
72Ignition electrode gasket
74Gas nozzle
75Venturi extension
80Gasket set A 16 x 24 x 2.0
81Gasket set A 17 x 24 x 2.0
82Gasket set A 10 x 15 x 1.5
84Gasket 23 x 30 x 2.0
85O-ring gasket set 17.86 x 2.62
86O-ring 9.6 x 2.4
87O-ring 14.3 x 2.4
88O-ring 35.4 x 3.6
89Set of plug connector retainers
90Toggle fastener (set)
93Pipe clip Ø 18
94Pipe clip Ø 18/1.5
95Hose clip DN 25
96Clip Ø 8
97Clip Ø 10
98Clip Ø 15
99Clip Ø 18
100Hose clip Ø 34.3 - 38.7
102Locking clip, condensate drain
103Drain plug (set)
105Hose Ø 10 x 1.5 x 750
106Union nut G 1
110Quick-action air vent valve
111Cylinder mounting bracket
112Control unit support
114Check valve with casing
115Pipe clip Ø 18
130VIUPSO circulation pump
131VIUP circulation pump
132VI solar circuit pump
133VIUPS circulation pump motor
134VIUP circulation pump motor
135Circulation pump motor
140Flue gas temperature sensor
141Thermal circuit breaker
142Temperature sensor
143Cylinder temperature sensor
145Cylinder temperature sensor, solar
150T&P valve connecting pipe
151T&P valve
164Cylinder gasket
166Anode flange with gasket
167Flange insulation
173Sensor retainer
174Draw-off connector sleeve
200Side panel, left
202Side panel, right
204Top cover
205Front panel, top
203Front panel, bottom
207Adjustable foot
208Fixing elements
211Top panel insert
300Control unit
301Casing back panel
302Boiler coding card
303Fuse 6.3 A slow (10 pce.)
304Fuse holder
305Programming unit for weather compensated mode
307LON communication module (accessories)
308PCB adaptor, LON module (accessories)
309Internal extension H1
315Locking bolts, left and right
316Slider, left and right
318Solar control module
324Solar cylinder temperature controller
60Burner gasket
61Insulation ring
64Ignition electrode with gasket
65Ionisation electrode with gasket
165Magnesium anode
108Special grease
209Touch-up paint stick, Vitowhite
210Spray paint, Vitowhite
310Cable harness X8/X9/Ionisation
311Cable harness 100/35/54 (auxiliary earth)
312Cable harness stepper motor
313Mating plug set
314Cable fixing
317Adaptor lead for collector temperature sensor
319Plug set, LV
320Plug set, 230 V
321KM BUS connecting cable
323Power cable
401Operating instructions for weather compensated mode
402Installation and service instructions